Bingo Cafe Review

Before You Start Playing at Bingo Cafe, Here’s Some Stats You Need To Know:

Bingo Cafe Rating:  | 
Welcome Bonus: FREE $30, then 300% up to $60
Regular Bonus: Between 50% - 100% (depends on your )
Deposit Minimum: $10
Deposit Maximum: $3,000
Recommended Deposit: $20 or more (for best results)
Withdrawal Minimum: $50
Maximum Withdrawal: Up to player’s balance
Free Bingo Games: Yes
Free Bingo Jackpot: $20 max
Ticket Prices: $0.02 to $2
Progressives: Up to $500,000
What is Bingo Cafe?

Founded in 2000, Bingo Cafe is a global leader in , slots and casino games, and is one of the most popular Internet gambling sites on Earth. Through its free and downloadable Internet casino software, players can access Bingo Cafe’s entire bingo, and casino games collection (plus chat room games and online bingo community) from the convenience of their home. At Bingo Cafe, you can decide to play for fun or play for cash (real money) online.

Bingo Cafe is licensed by the Government of Curacao and regulated and certified by the most prominent regulatory bodies worldwide. Also, Bingo Cafe is compliant with rules to make sure that its Internet casino software is properly and transparently monitored to provide maximum protection for its users.

Bingo Cafe Bonuses and Offers?

For practically nothing, Bingo Cafe gives newly registered players a massive amount to get started with. Upon downloading Bingo Cafe’s and completing the registration process, you’ll receive a free $30 welcome bonus (no credit card or deposit required) for cash play, then an additional $10 (again, free) upon registering your card information. Along with that, you’ll receive a generous 300% bonus on your 1st deposit – up to a maximum of $60. If that’s not enough, you’ll also get a free reload bonus on every additional deposit you make at Bingo Cafe. And apart from other top virtual casino sites, you’ll be able to use your free dough to play Bingo Cafe slots too.

Bingo Cafe slots and casino players are offered cash bonuses regularly and are rewarded with cash loyalty bonuses, each month, for playing regularly at Bingo Cafe. This free Bingo Cafe bonus cash can be played on any slots of your choosing. Under most conditions, the more active you are at Bingo Cafe, the more “loyalty points” (so to speak) you accumulate – all of which makes up your at Bingo Cafe. Each ticket purchased, any deposit you make, any chat game or tournament you participate in, all add up to your total Bingo Cafe loyalty level. Thus, you can enjoy reload bonuses on all purchases at Bingo Cafe, along with a monthly loyalty bonus tiered to your loyalty level – of up to 300%.

So, to summarize, when you complete your Bingo Cafe registration, you will get:

  • FREE $30 for bingo and slots
  • $10 FREE when you register your card info
  • 300% bonus (up to a maximum of $60) as soon as you make your first deposit

Bottom line: Bingo Cafe is all about giving players the most value. And without question, Bingo Cafe bonus and promo offers come through as advertised.

What Games at Bingo Cafe Can You Play?

Bingo Cafe doesn’t stop at just bingo. Apart from 75-ball online bingo and the exciting Mega Bingo network game, you can also spin your way through 11 progressive slots games and a myriad of thrilling themed slots as well as online casino games – all of which are built in-house by Leapfrog Gaming (Bingo Cafe’s licensor).

Every week, a regular slot machine tournament and bingo tournament takes place at Bingo Cafe – rewarding high-stakes gamblers and casual spinners alike. On top of these online game competitions for cash prizes, instant games and traditional – including single and multiplayer , , Deuces Wild and Keno – are available to play from the Bingo Cafe Lobby.


  • Over 50 real cash games that are all developed by Bingo Cafe – including bingo chat rooms, and themed slots, casino games (blackjack, and ) and instant win games like , and more.
  • Virtual bingo chat games all day, every day, 7 days a week. At Bingo Cafe, you can even play slots on the side during a bingo game or while you’re waiting for the next bingo game to begin.
  • Two hours of free bingo games for real money every day. That’s hours of guaranteed entertainment at Bingo Cafe every day.
  • Mega Bingo (an game scheduled and played across all participating Leapfrog Gaming sites) is available to play daily at Bingo Cafe with big jackpots and prizes.
  • Chat while playing bingo or slots at Bingo Cafe and connect with other players. Real-time chat is a part of all 75-ball bingo live and are moderated by Chat Leaders.

Bingo Cafe is fully-approved to provide virtual gaming services under the laws of Curacao, Netherlands Antilles. What’s more, Bingo Cafe complies with strict legal regulations on fair play and prize payouts. In addition to that, Bingo Cafe only accepts players from locales where it is not illegal to participate in Internet gaming. Therefore, Bingo Cafe doesn’t accept players from the United States.

Bottom line: At Bingo Cafe, you can enjoy a diverse selection of Internet gambling games for real cash, including every type of virtual bingo game, slots game, casino game and instant win game you could possibly want to play.

Is Bingo Cafe Legit? Is Bingo Cafe a Scam? Are The Games Rigged?

To assure the integrity of Bingo Cafe’s games, a (RNG) is always being utilized to ensure consistency and randomness of results. By running millions of actions and meticulously examining the results (whether it be the roll of the dice, a hand of cards, the bingo ball selection, or the spin of the wheel), in every action, a Random Number Generator (RNG) is being used to ensure that any outcome at Bingo Cafe is 100% random.

On top of that, all Bingo Cafe games have been laboriously tested and certified safe by iTech labs – an ISO/IEC 17025 certified testing lab for Internet gaming systems. Also, the Bingo Cafe environment is systematically tested on a regular basis by Bingo Cafe.

Bottom line: Not only is Bingo Cafe the most fair online casino (not rigged in any way, shape or form), you can have peace of mind in knowing that every one of Bingo Cafe’s games are legitimate (not a scam at all), legal (licensed by Curacao) and tested and certified safe by iTech labs.

Bingo Cafe’s proprietary software is a safe and secure download, which means, there is no malware and no spyware whatsoever. The Bingo Cafe casino software is quick to install and no credit card is required to start playing. Following the clear on-screen steps to install Bingo Cafe is an effortless process. Equally so, the BingoCafe software is simple to uninstall, taking just seconds to remove from your computer.

Why is Bingo Cafe a software download?

  • All the finest games on Earth are downloaded and installed onto computers. Playing software download games – specifically gambling games like Bingo Cafe – from your desktop or laptop computer deliver a far better gameplay experience (graphics and sound-wise) over browser-only games.
  • Superior to web-based browser games. games (for or ) are not not just safer and more secure, they aren’t dependent on your Internet speed. Moreover, there is no loading time or lag when opening and/or playing Bingo Cafe’s games.
  • Bingo Cafe’s software works on Microsoft Windows-based PC’s and Apple Mac computers. Since 2000, Bingo Cafe has been downloaded over 5 million times worldwide.

Bottom line: All in all, the Bingo Cafe software download file process is straightforward and speedy to complete. Installation and setup is effortless, and you can begin playing Bingo Cafe games in minutes. Thus, the Bingo Cafe software is, definitely, download-worthy.

Is Bingo Cafe Safe? Will Bingo Cafe Share My Details With Any Third Parties?

Bingo Cafe uses state-of-the-art security technology (used by many Internet banking systems) to keep your confidential info safeguarded and private. Any sensitive information (like your personal details and/or credit card number) entered at Bingo Cafe is encrypted and secured with the most current in the industry – 128 bit.

To protect the privacy of its players, Bingo Cafe guarantees that any details provided is kept confidential and never shared, sold or distributed to any outside parties. In fact, Bingo Cafe’s servers are stored in secured facilities and are only accessible to authorized personnel. This ensures that no third parties gain access to your confidential information via Bingo Cafe.

Bottom line: Above all, Bingo Cafe takes security really seriously so you can play with confidence.

Which Deposit Methods Are Allowed?

Bingo Cafe accepts a variety of deposit methods. You can easily fund your account at Bingo Cafe via any of the usual payment options below:

  • credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, and more)
  • a variety of prepaid cards
  • debit cards
  • a number of e-wallets (Bank Deposit, NETELLER, Skrill and InstaDebit)

Processing thousands of transactions daily, with zero problems to date, Bingo Cafe demonstrates that it’s safe and secure to make deposits at Bingo Cafe. As a matter of fact, it’s actually more safe to use your credit card at Bingo Cafe than at your local corner store!

Bottom line: You can fund your Bingo Cafe account with ease of mind using all of the typical banking and payment options.

Is Customer Service Helpful? Can Player Support Be Reached 24/7?

Bingo Cafe’s live help agents are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, providing world-class support to those who need a prompt response. Whether you have questions or comments, or want to just chat and exchange ideas, Bingo Cafe’s reps will be always happy to receive your feedback.

And unlike lots of other top gambling sites on the Internet, there are actually real people at Bingo Cafe on the other side. Also, there is a convenient option to use a clever in-site Messenger from the Bingo Cafe Lobby, if needed.

Bottom line: Bingo Cafe’s Player Support is always there for you by email and live chat from any game room inside Bingo Cafe. After all, that’s what being part of the Bingo Cafe family is all about.

from Actual Players:

This site is phenomenal . . . I’ve cashed out over $5,000 just this year alone. I like playing here.”
– carmelle81

It’s the best. I have won $250, $500, like $1,800 once, and one day I’m gonna get that big jackpot.”
– crash274

I’ve been playing here for about 5 years because the games are real, the money is real, and the players are real.”
– JadeSwan
How Does Bingo Cafe Compare?

Playing bingo and slots online isn’t really a brand new idea, but Bingo Cafe has refined it. There is definitely comparable games that some people prefer to use, like , , , Mecca Bingo, Foxy Bingo and a myriad of other options. But Bingo Cafe is among the leaders, as it has been tried, tested and proven (since 2000) while many operators have dropped off the map. This further validates Bingo Cafe’s popularity and staying power in the ultra-competitive industry.

Now, despite having a smaller variety of games than those offered by the bigger casino sites, Bingo Cafe have put the all-time best games forward for both beginners and seasoned players alike. Most importantly though, Bingo Cafe is not yet another homogeneous, off-the-shelf, white-label Internet casino. Every single one of Bingo Cafe’s 54 games are created in-house by Leapfrog Gaming (Bingo Cafe’s licensor), meaning, Bingo Cafe provides a truly rare experience that you won’t find anyplace else. Uniqueness, wholesome fun, a sense of belonging – it’s all of the above. Once you step inside, it’s visible that Bingo Cafe was developed with those very fundamentals in mind.

Bottom line: Playing slots and bingo at an Internet casino (like Bingo Cafe) is not a brand new concept as there are quite a few games out there that attempt to pull players into the casino. But while most of these competing casinos focus purely on the cash, there is an altogether exclusivity, enjoyment, and family-friendly warmness component to Bingo Cafe. And that’s the unmistakable difference that keeps players coming back again and again.

Conclusion: Bingo Cafe – Yay or Nay?

It’s easy to make the argument that the larger casinos have a greater selection of games than Bingo Cafe, but that’s not automatically bad for Bingo Cafe or its players. The reason why is while lots of Internet casinos just use the same white-label software, repackaged and rebranded in a predictable setup, all of Bingo Cafe’s games – from 3-reel slots to 75-ball bingo – are created in-house. This means that Bingo Cafe users get a fully unique and secure gaming environment (not just reserved for celebrities and royalty) that is not available elsewhere.

Bingo Cafe strikes the proper balance between presenting the feeling of uniqueness yet also catering to women and men – either novices or those returning to the game. And what’s exciting is that Bingo Cafe’s games are challenging but not intimidating. As a matter of fact, one of the main draws of the Bingo Cafe platform is the high quality of the slot games which rival the top online slots sites. What’s more, the lively online bingo community at Bingo Cafe is cordial, homey and welcoming – a breath of fresh air from the usual vapid online bingo sites. Yay Bingo Cafe!

Bottom line: When all is said and done, Bingo Cafe is arguably the best bingo site on the Internet. Period. If you’re keen to play online bingo, slots and casino games with an easygoing group – for fun or for real cash – and receive free as well as huge reload bonuses, all while winning big cash prizes and , then the decision is clear: Bingo Cafe is for you.

Please note that Online gambling may not be illegal in some jurisdictions and that the legal age to gamble may or may not be 18 years exactly. Bingo Cafe users acknowledge that it is their responsibility to understand laws in their jurisdiction that may prohibit online gambling and that they have carefully read, understood and accepted the Bingo Cafe Terms & Conditions published on the Bingo Cafe site .             

Bingo Cafe Review & Rating Summary
Bingo Cafe
Bingo Cafe is a free, download-based, Internet casino software for PC and Mac computers that lets you play online bingo games, slot games, casino games and instant win games for real money.
Bingo Cafe
Review by: Bingo Cafe
Bingo Cafe is one of the best bingo sites online today. If you're in the mood to play Internet bingo, slots and casino games with a friendly group - for fun or for real money - and get free no deposit bonuses and substantial reload bonuses, all while winning massive cash prizes and progressive jackpots, then Bingo Cafe is for you.
5 / 5 stars

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